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Each year Sophies Heart provides direct assistance to children and their families affected by Congenital Heart Defects.  Providing lodging and food assistance and preparing warm nourishing meals to those families staying at the Ronald McDonald House at Stanford and nearby lodging.


You can help by volunteering your time to prepare a meal, assist at a fundraising event. If you are not available to volunteer but would like to donate your monies will go directly to help families in need. 


Sophies Heart is  volunteer-driven, in Monterey County serving low-income, uninsured families.  Annually, Sophies Heart makes available comprehensive medical services, medications and diagnostic testing to over 7,500 established patients, resulting in over 14,000 patient visits.  In addition, the Clinic averages 100 new patients each month.


The Sophies Heart relies exclusively on community financial support received through contributions, fundraising events and grant awards as it does not receive government support.  It is only through the generosity of our local community businesses, churches, civic associations, foundations and fundraising efforts that we are able to financially support the care we provide.



We feel that a great number of the fears, misconceptions and projections parents have about their children’s condition are based on things   unknown or unfamiliar. You might not know what certain symptoms indicate, or the full implications of a doctor’s advice, or whether a flare-up might be serious or just a temporary situation.


The Share Your Story section of our site is a chance for you to write—at whatever level of detail is comfortable—about the circumstances of your child’s illness, your efforts to understand and cope with it, and the course of treatment you are pursuing.


We think this can offer invaluable comfort and advice to parents whose children are in similar circumstances. In the journey to heal a little heart, it’s never good to think that you are alone, without allies there to help you on the path.


These stories can be your allies. Also, writing the story of your child’s circumstances can even clarify your thinking about your approach to the healing journey, and how to assess progress. Knowledge itself is progress. Remember, you are not alone. Please share your story.


LET US KNOW ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCE  Submit your story today!

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