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Monterey County Gives


This Year Sophie’s Heart  will participate in the Monterey County Weekly’s Big Give Campaign. This is the first year we applied and were chosen as one of the non-profits that will participate in 2015. We are asking for support with our fundraising efforts  towards Sophie’s Heart as this will be our end of the year fundraiser for 2015.


You can donate on the Monterey County Gives! website. You can easily donate different amounts, if that is your wish. And best of all, every time someone donates through Monterey County Gives! Sophies Heart will receive an additional amount on top of your donation through the overall match. This overall match is based on a percentage each organization raises, up to $75,000. Your gift goes a long way when you donate through Monterey County Gives! It’s a win for everyone.


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She doesn't know there
is anything wrong with
her Heart!



Each year more than 40,000 kids are diagnosed with Congenital Heart Defects – families struggle financially and emotionally supporting their child while they undergo treatment. Sophies Heart is reaching out to these families to get them through these trying times.

To learn more call 831.406.1810 or email questions to for information about programs and services


How to help

A big part of the success of Sophies Heart are all the volunteers who give up their free time to help prepare hot meals. Meals for the families staying at the Ronald McDonald House at Stanford and nearby hospitals.

Upcoming Events Monterey County Gives!  Donate now.





Welcome to Sophies Heart


As a parent, hearing the diagnosis of your child's CHD can send you into a cascade of concern, indecision and even panic. We at Sophies Heart are here to provide you with the resources and approaches to understanding your child's condition, to make informed choices, and to use the power of information and care to steer toward your child's recovery.


We've been where you are—we still are—and we want to help. Please review our site contents and send us any questions that arise. Let's give our kids the chance to lead full, healthy lives!


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Your donation helps supports children

and families affective by CHD. 




Families Giving thanks to Sophies Heart......

"Thanks to Sophie's Heart, we were able to sleep in a real bed. They located a room for us and put us up while our little angle fought to get better. In doing this, it allowed us to get some rest, to be strong for our angel when she needed us to. 


It allowed us to take a break and regain our composure.  As if that wasn't enough, they volunteer their time and bring food to the Ronald McDonald House for dinner. I can't thank them enough for all they have done. They show care and compassion when families need it the most. They deserve all the support they can get and strongly urge people to help them so they can continue to help others. Thank you everyone at Sophie's Heart"




"I just wanted to thank you for all your kindness that you have shown to to our family through this difficult time in their lives.  I know that you yourself have been through these tough times too and I am so thankful that Sophie is a strong little soul.   Once again, thank you for all you are doing and being such an inspiration."



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